Shaman Call Forth The Spirit World and active using of powers

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Hello everyone, this is my case:

One of our party members is a shaman with the Scarred Healer paragon path

The PP gives him the feature: Scar's Gift: "When you use a primal healing power on a target adjacent to you spirit companion, the target regains additional hit points equal to you Constitution modifier."

He uses the Protector spirit, which gives him the Spirit Boon Feature: "Any ally adjacent to you spirit companion regains additional hit points equal to your Constititution modifier when he or she uses second wind or when you use a healing power on him or her"

Both these features give him additional healing when he uses a (primal) healing power on a target

But then you got the level 10 utility: Call Forth the Spirit World, which has the Effect: "Any bloodied ally that starts its turn withing the zone regains 5 hit points"

And the level 9 daily: Spirit of Earth Arisen, which has the Effect: "When any ally in those squares (close burst 2 of the spirit) hits an enemy, that ally regains 5 hit points."

Both these effects are kind of 'passive', since they take no action to use (except the sustain minor at the shamans turn). But, are the features applied to the powers? The features say: When you use a (primal, both the powers are primal btw) healing power on the target, but is the shaman actually using these powers?
The Shaman is not using the powers at the the time the healing happens. "Use" is the important word here, you only "use" a power when you take the action to use it initially.
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