Regarding illusions...

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So, I'm potentially facing a situation in-game where the players are going to have a rather mad gnome illusionist looking to make their lives a living hell in order to get them to comply with the wishes of the illusionists superiors. In mob terms, he's something of a leg-breaker (just without the physical component). Also quite crazy in a manic sort of way.

The order has already gone out to the gnome...he IS on his way with information about people close to the PCs. He will seek to use that info and those people as leverage. Being an illusionist he also has no plans on directly confronting his targets (since that would just be silly). All in all, I need a bit of input to help me be prepared for a few possibilities...

First, any ideas regarding the illusionist are welcome. I have him fairly well fleshed out in my mind but any input is potentially useful especially concerning good ways to have him work his "leverage".

Second, I'd like to have a list of illusions & tells for illusions so as to present them fairly such that the players have a reasonable ability to encounter and overcome the illusions just as one might encounter and overcome a well-presented trap.

Thanks in advance.

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