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I would say that you have a lot of 2 ofs in your build may want to look at that and what is your overall plan with the deck?

also, imo, Lazav is more sideboard for players using bigger advantageous creatures. And without any mill in your deck he is really going to be more of a hexproof 3/3 rather than a creature thief.

also look at Tribute to Hunger as a replacement for Devour Flesh as you don't want to be giving your opp life back because thats just more life than you have to damage them to get rid of.

also what is your land base? Most esper decks I have seen run mostly shocks and buddy lands only and a couple Nephalia Drownyard's of course

Last question. Are you including these cards in your list because you already own them or are you planning on buying these?
I own all of these cards.
The plan of the deck is to not allow anything to hit, and if it does, I remove it before it does anything. I only have 1 tribute to hunger sadly.

Side board would Depend on the meta in your area others can make suggestions on that and the deck list itself. The way I would play what I have proposed is to use the token creatures early to draw away any burn your opp may use, terminus and verdict after they have a few dudes out just to stall and then cipher the delusions onto the invisible stalker to keep the milling going late game and you can just keep milling them at the end of their turn with the nephalia drownyards then use memory adepts 0 ability to mill them for 10 a turn and yes it will be a longer game but its very rewarding to just sit back and slowly mill them and watch as the end of their library and hence the end of them draws ever closer until there out of cards to draw and you have won all the while they felt safe and happy with their life total still high at 12-15 or so.