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Looking to start a new PBP game.  Looking for 4-6 players.  Will start at level 1.

Should be ready to go as soon as we have players and characters in place. 
Consider me interested. Hate to sound like a hapless beginner, but where are you going to run it?
Yuku.  I ran a game about 10 years ago on ezboard.

I AM a hapless beginner, and am interested. If you don't mind playing with someone completely new to D&D 4E, I'd like to join.
Everyone has to play for the first time once.  Check out the site and if you like what you see, post something on the board and we can get started creating your character.
May I join? I've never tried play D&D online
Absolutely!  Head over the site and check it out. 

Post a message if you are interested and I will help you get started.

For everyone else, this makes 3 players, we need 1-3 more if anyone is interested.      
Can I join?

I will learn 4e as I play along (just bought a PHB, and started reading).

Looking forward to it.

Sure thing, head over to the site and post something to get started. 
Ummm....There seems to be a problem with the "Birthday" box on that forum's registration page.

I keep getting an  Invalid  Date  error message, no matter what I type. Is there a certain dating format I have to enter?

Never mind.

I got it. See you on the forum.

If you are still looking for people I played a bit of 4E but can't remember much lol. But I am willing to re-learn
We have 4, but we have room for another.

Head over to the board and see the character generation rules.  Create an account and PM me and we can get started.

I have a good idea how to fit you into the adventure where they are now.
I may be interested if there is still room I am new to this tho litterally just joined the website like 10 mins ago and I am unsure on alot of the abreviations like what does PbP mean? or if you are allreayd quite full to let me know when you start a new campaigne again?
PBP = Play by Post

It is a method of playing by using a message board.  Feel free to check out our site at

I am not sure if we are accepting new players, but if you like what you see and you are interested send a private message to DMMerin on the site and I may be convinced.    
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