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If a player is attempting to use a skill and needs help, it says that up to 4 players can help that player out. Provided that they role over 10 . For each player that does roll over 10 that player gets a + 2 bonus to a max of +8. I have two questions about this, does the other players have to be trained in that skill to help. And when they make the assist roll ie over 10 do they get to add their bonus to the roll ie I have a 3 in athletics but rolled a 7. That's 10. So the player gets a bonus of + 2 for his role !   Thanks
No, they do not have to be trained (unless the application of the skill they're using says trained only).

Yes, they add all applicable bonuses; it's a standard skill check.
Note that there is now an errata regarding this that says that anyone helping who doesn't roll at least 10 instead gives a -1 penalty to the skill check, so the player making the check could find he has a -4 penalty to the check, rather than a +8 bonus.
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