Different deck shells and their benefits?

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I am a returning player and there are a lot of nicknames for the tricolor decks. Jund, Esper, Bant, ect.  I was wondering where they originated, and the benefits of each shell.
They were named after shards from Alara which represented the three colors.

Jund+Naya Make great creature decks
Esper Bant and Grixis do well with controlling decks since they have blue

Then things like BUG and RUG are named after their abbreviated colors. 

Honestly, any shell can go any direction. 


The main benefit of three-color decks is card resellers make great heaping piles of money selling the lands needed to run three colors.
Thanks for the responses everyone. There were not shells with names when I quit. I was unaware that it was just the color and nothing else. I thought Jund might mean something a little more specific.
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