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This may not be a rules question, but why do cards like Bridge from Below and the old Dryad Arbor look the way they do, with the mana cost on the left, etc.?  Do you treat them any differently at all?
Cannot be relied upon^
Time Spiral block had a gimmick of "timeshifted" cards.

Time Spiral had reprints of old cards, using the old frame and a purple expansion symbol (e.g. Squire).
Planar Chaos had "alternative present" versions of existing cards, shifted to a different color (e.g. Damnation). The frame has a different color, white text, and a textured rules text box.
Future Sight had "preprints" of potential future cards, such as those you mention. The frame is quite different, and it has a card type icon in the corner.

The special frames have no gameplay significance.
Those are cards from Future Sight, and they're referred to as "timeshifted" cards, because they were intended to look like they were from the future of Magic.  More specifically, from "possible" futures of the game.

Check this MTG Wiki article, near the bottom it elaborates on this a bit: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Future_Sight 
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