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I have a player who wants to buy a superior crossbow. For the extra damage!  No problem. But later on in the adventure as part of a treasure parcel they will find a plus 1 crossbow.   I want to make it a superior one so the player can find something cool for his character.   On the character builder how do I designate the weapon as such,  I can find and equip the plus 1 crossbow.  But can't seem to make it a superior + 1 crossbow,   Help.  I know he can just crossout the damage on his character sheet and write in the new damage.  But it's not the same for the player ! Help
He needs Superior Xbow proficiency.  Costs a feat.  Or uncheck the "show suggested" box.  Select Superior ranged two handed from the dropdown.

Cry Havoc!  And let slip the hogs of war!

Thanks. That helps
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