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These are the parameters:

We are 6th level, we have inherent bonuses, we get one item 6th-10th level (Plus mundane items). It is a 2 person campaign and the person I am playing with is a Dwarven Fighter (Weaponmaster) who wields two axes--so he doesn't do a ton of damage, but he can multi-mark better than  most fighters.

To me, it makes the most sense to play a striker|leader who can also do some minion sweeping if necessary. I also want to play up my other pc's ability so I have taken a few encounters that will trigger his mark attack against an enemy. While these thoughts are all up for grabs, at this point 2 things are NOT up for grabs, he has to be human and he has to be a monk.

My current build is (excuse me not using the format from CB, as I am currently on a Mac):

Level 6
Monk (Centered Breath)|Cleric (Battle Lore)
Theme: knight hospitaler (I think that the surgeless immediate reaction healing is way underrated... if my fighter ever drops to 0hp, bang, immediate reaction, he is back up)
Background: Auspicious Birth (cause, awesome)

S    8
C   13 
D   20 
I    10
W  16 
Ch 10 

AC   25
Fort 16
Ref  20
Will  17


At Will:
Five Storm Strike (for multi-targetting and the movement)
Dragon's Tale       (so I can prone melee enemies, slide them with FoB, and then shift out of stand and charge range)
Sacred Flame       (for granting saves and for a little bit o' range)

Drunken Monkey  (for provoking attacks from my fighter PC)
resurgent sun (for healing)


2. Reed in the wind (for some more durability)
6. Bastion of health (because the only reason I have ever lost a combat is not enough healing)

1. Moment of glory
5. Calm before the storm


1. Unarmored agility
1. Ki focus expertise
2. Superior implement (acc. Ki focus)
4. Hybrid talent (unarmored defense)
6. Implement focus (ki focus)


Ironbody ki focus +2 (because every time i hit someone, i get DR 4)

Thoughts? Too much healing? Too much durability? Doesn't pack enough of a punch? Any recs for easy ways to get a good MBA?
Seems like a good enough plan.

5e houserules and tweaks.

Celestial Link Evoking Radiance into Creation

A Party Without Music is Lame: A Bard

Level Dip Guide


4e stuff

List of no-action attacks.
Dynamic vs Static Bonuses
Phalanx tactics and builds
Crivens! A Pictsies Guide Good
s to intentionally miss with
Mr. Cellophane: How to be unnoticed
Way's to fire around corners
Crits: what their really worth
Retroactive bonus vs Static bonus.
Runepriest handbook & discussion thread
Holy Symbols to hang around your neck
Ways to Gain or Downgrade Actions
List of bonuses to saving throws
The Ghost with the Most (revenant handbook)
my builds
F-111 Interdictor Long (200+ squares) distance ally teleporter. With some warlord stuff. Broken in a plot way, not a power way.

Thought Switch Higher level build that grants upto 14 attacks on turn 1. If your allies play along, it's broken.

Elven Critters Crit op with crit generation. 5 of these will end anything. Broken.

King Fisher Optimized net user.  Moderate.

Boominator Fun catch-22 booming blade build with either strong or completely broken damage depending on your reading.

Very Distracting Warlock Lot's of dazing and major penalties to hit. Overpowered.

Pocket Protector Pixie Stealth Knight. Maximizing the defender's aura by being in an ally's/enemy's square.

Yakuza NinjIntimiAdin: Perma-stealth Striker that offers a little protection for ally's, and can intimidate bloodied enemies. Very Strong.

Chargeburgler with cheese Ranged attacks at the end of a charge along with perma-stealth. Solid, could be overpowered if tweaked.

Void Defender Defends giving a penalty to hit anyone but him, then removing himself from play. Can get somewhat broken in epic.

Scry and Die Attacking from around corners, while staying hidden. Moderate to broken, depending on the situation.

Skimisher Fly in, attack, and fly away. Also prevents enemies from coming close. Moderate to Broken depending on the enemy, but shouldn't make the game un-fun, as the rest of your team is at risk, and you have enough weaknesses.

Indestructible Simply won't die, even if you sleep though combat.  One of THE most abusive character in 4e.

Sir Robin (Bravely Charge Away) He automatically slows and pushes an enemy (5 squares), while charging away. Hard to rate it's power level, since it's terrain dependent.

Death's Gatekeeper A fun twist on a healic, making your party "unkillable". Overpowered to Broken, but shouldn't actually make the game un-fun, just TPK proof.

Death's Gatekeeper mk2, (Stealth Edition) Make your party "unkillable", and you hidden, while doing solid damage. Stronger then the above, but also easier for a DM to shut down. Broken, until your DM get's enough of it.

Domination and Death Dominate everything then kill them quickly. Only works @ 30, but is broken multiple ways.

Battlemind Mc Prone-Daze Protecting your allies by keeping enemies away. Quite powerful.

The Retaliator Getting hit deals more damage to the enemy then you receive yourself, and you can take plenty of hits. Heavy item dependency, Broken.

Dead Kobold Transit Teleports 98 squares a turn, and can bring someone along for the ride. Not fully built, so i can't judge the power.

Psilent Guardian Protect your allies, while being invisible. Overpowered, possibly broken.

Rune of Vengance Do lot's of damage while boosting your teams. Strong to slightly overpowered.

Charedent BarrageA charging ardent. Fine in a normal team, overpowered if there are 2 together, and easily broken in teams of 5.

Super Knight A tough, sticky, high damage knight. Strong.

Super Duper Knight Basically the same as super knight with items, making it far more broken.

Mora, the unkillable avenger Solid damage, while being neigh indestuctable. Overpowered, but not broken.

Swordburst Maximus At-Will Close Burst 3 that slide and prones. Protects allies with off actions. Strong, possibly over powered with the right party.

Also, long term, I'm thinking adroit explorer, but am curious about the CO opinion.
Cause Fear really isn't very good for your situation. You're trading your standard action to let the fighter attack instead, but he does less damage and you both have to hit for it to succeed. Furthermore, since he's a fighter the OA is going to stop the movement, so it's not even really going to be good for repositioning (if people ever use it for that).

Enabling is fun, but counterproductive when you're enabling one guy that hits for less than you do. I'd try to focus on either non-standard-action stuff or emergency healing stuff on the cleric side.
Good tip. Switched cause fear for resurgent sun, for even more healing.

added dailies... Calm before storm is unbeatable, but i'm not as confident about moment of glory bc i already get regular DR through iron body ki focus.
Bump... I still have 2 weeks before I play him.
Get some gear with a self healing power, possibly armor of the shallow grave or something. The worst thing that can happen in a tiny-party campaign is that the healer can go down and no one can bring him back up in a timely manner. Even if you're able to heal yourself on-turn, there's going to be that one time when something crits the bajeesus out of you and turns you to jelly before your fighter can do anything about it.
I only get 1 item 6-10... Do you think that a self healing item would work better for keeping me up than iron body ki focus? If so... Diamond cincture? 

i def agree w. your premise that my staying up is vital. 
I only get 1 item 6-10...


Well, if you're in a prodigeously itemless setting, it's likely you won't be fighting anything that either does tons of damage, or can buck marks easily. The DR should be plenty. Make sure to stand back-to-back with your fighter at all times, and see if you cant get a couple potions of cure light or healing at some point.
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