The Indestructible Deck (Need help please)

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4x Overgrown Tomb
4x Woodland Cemetery
6x Forest
8x Swamp


4x Stuffy Doll
4x Predator Ooze
4x Phylactery Lich
3x Creepy Doll
2x Manor Gargoyle
2x Abrupt Decay
3x Ultimate Price
4x Farseek
4x Prey Upon
3x Sign in Blood
2x Victim of Night
3x Inquisitor's Flail

Utilizing the power of indestructibility as the main strength for this deck and with the limited amount of removal spells that can deal with these creatures it looks good in my head. Flying creatures could be a problem. I'd love some ideas to make this competitive. Thanks everyone.
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Without some cheaper artifacts, your Phylactery Lich isn't going to come in early enough. If you do get the flail on him, it would be sweet, but I'm not sure that it'd be consistent enough. Avacyn's Collar provides vigilance, which would be great on any indestructible creature and enable the Lich. I'm not too familiar with the available artifacts in standard, however, so a gatherer search would be useful.
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