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greetings all, im sure remember a certain delve that was short lived, fire from the sky, if anyone could help me obtain it i would be very happy, i've been trying to collect as much gammaworld stuff as i can. thanks in advance. also, if you have a delve or adventure not already posted please toss it at me.
The author of that adventure (@brainclouds on twitter) got a Cease and Desist order from WotC, so it is no longer available. I have a Gamma World two page mini delve available on my blog: 
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yeah i had heard about that i was just checking to see if anyone had a copy they could share through some form of file transfer. they only had a problem people other than themselves profiting off it it seems, or at least that was my understanding. at any rate, the link didnt seem to go anywhere but i think i had already aquired it when you intially posted it. it was realy cool, thanks for the content. Anyone else with interesting adventures to share?
I sent you a message to contact me.
Yeah, I missed out on "Fire from the Sky" as well. I hear it was awesome. Undecided

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