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has anyone ever ran a session or two inthere? i seem to remember having a d20 book for it, but did anyone ever use it? if so, how did it go?

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Although I fairly used several undeads (more generic) in the document, I actually never runned a campaign in there. BUT it may change. I just started a new campaign and for the first time I will have them move south toward Celik. Maybe it will lead them near the Deadland.

I'm hoping something great will happen and the 3.5e adventure for the deadland had for age will erupt somewhere, in time for me! Anyway, since no material was ever made for Celik, I will have improvise a lot once we get there.

Anybody have anything created for this region (Celik) ? 
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I had the PCs go to the Deadlands to plant a seed from a Tree of Life -- this was the inspiration for a 4e Dungeon adventure ("The Isle of Death").

I had a obsidian mining camp from Balic set up on the edges and also had a tower in the middle of the deadlands. The PCs were to plant to the seed at the tower since it was in the middle of the most defiled place imaginable. I used the 3e module "Heartfang Spire" for maps and some encounters in the tower but completely changed the backstory. I didn't pay particular attention to canon about the deadlands but the tower was left over from the times of genocide and there were lots of undead everywhere.

My Dark Sun adventures published in Dungeon magazine.
how did you run the environmental effects on the deadlands? seems the DC's for sun sickness would be cranked up fairly highiFrame RemovediFrame Removed
One of the PCs is a water priest. So while early in the campaign I made them worry about water, heat, etc. by the time the campaign reached the deadlands, the priest could easily counter water/heat problems. Since I described the intense heat, etc.  but I don't recall too many game mechanical effects. The campaign is 3.5e BTW -- I don't know what ruleset the OP is using.
My Dark Sun adventures published in Dungeon magazine.
Always thought the Deadlands had potential. I've tried to use it as a Silent Hill/End World sort of place. Where the defilement was so potent that, once you got aways in, it started warping reality between the material plane, the Grey (which I call the Gloaming), the Black (Gloom), and my Xoriat/Abyss analogue. Basically, Deadlands=surivival horror post post apocalypse. You start to question if you've died and gone to hell (or something) and, since its Athas, you mayb very well have. 
using 4e.  while my PC's do have magic items to deal with water and food, im thinking of the items getting "lost" during an encounter with qwith. i have came to the realization that i have failed as a DM in conveying the harshness of athas, so what better place to convey it than the dead lands! so i guess ill have to use the ruleset for sun sickness, and just crank up the DC's a bit. after reading the prism pendant books and how the shadow people or even the ghosts of the 12 champions act, im not nearly as worried about "killing" my pc's, so i think its time to have some fun.
also brings up quith. there is very little information on her, so im kinda having trouble figuring out how that encounter is gonna go..... im kinda trying to paint rajaat as a good guy, and qwith is one of his allies, but i dont want to paint her as a "good guy" so to speak. so if anyone has some information on qwith or just your own 2 c to kick in, that would be awesome too.
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I've never ran a game in the Dead Lands, but Geneome wrote a great "netproject" for 4e, updating Gerald Arturo Lewis' 2e version.

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I've never ran a game in the Dead Lands, but Geneome wrote a great "netproject" for 4e, updating Gerald Arturo Lewis' 2e version.

{Edit} for some reason it's not showing the link

Hey! It's been 10 years since I made this PDF from Gerard 2e work! hum... You should post a link to my web site instead of your

I will have a read of the 4e stuff I've never seen on! Good thing you digged that up! 
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thankyou opensource fanboy community! you have once again made my day!iFrame RemovediFrame Removed
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