How to use Dragon Magazine adventures?

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Hello All,

I will be DMing my first time this week. Does anyone have a good tutorial on how to use a Dungeon Magazine Adventure. I would like to run Infernal wrath (Dungeon 205). However I am unsure of the basics such as how much of the intro and background to provide my players from the onset?



Infernal Wrath is a more loose adventure, letting PC maneuver around picking clues and deceptions. You as a DM need to run up encounter and events as it is much less structured than a standard adventure broken up in series of Encounters and must go with what players want to do. But its an original adventure and can be really fun.  Make sure to read it a few times and prepare to direct scnenes, much like a movie director! 

Keep Background for you. Don't reveal anything about Stoygard brothers and the pact at the begining. It serve as the backstory for the adventure with infos that you will sprinkles as it unfold.

Use one of the Adventure Hook presented and start with the adventurers arriving in town and seeing signs on the wall around it warning that a murderous ghost lurks in Raske, as detailed in Structure of PlayYou can have a guard or a beggar at entrance telling them about what's going on. 

Then follow with instructions found in Segments and Scnenes, breaking each day into 3 sgements - morning, afternoon and night. Use info in Constructing Scnenes to guide you through the adventures until the PC are Concluding The Adventure.

Awesome. Thank you so much for the help.
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