Any downsides to scaling the G1-3 conversions

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I just started a 4e campaign that I'm trying to plan out around classic elements. However, I'd like to incorporate the GDQ module series (at least initially, the Dungeon magazine conversions by Chris Perkins) and I'm having a problem making the levels work in a 1-30 campaign. So here's my question: What's the downside to straight up re-leveling adventures? To be more specific: I'm thinking of kicking off the paragon tier with the adapted Steading of the Hill Giant Chief, moving straight into the frost giant sequel, and then going to the Eclavdra/door to the Underdark encounter from his fire giant adaptation. Obviously, this entails re-leveling hill giants, frost giants, and other key NPCs. Anyone see any negatives to just doing that? Are there weird powers or effects I need to watch out for in those adventures? Love any thoughts you might have; thank you!
Generally speaking releveling adventures isn't a problem as long as you do a few basic things.

  1. Adjust specific things for your party.  If there is an encounter with all flying artillery and your group has no range or way to fly, fix that.

  2. Don't relevel into different tiers.  Also don't relevel using the monster builder.  It has a lot of issues.  What you want to do is basically rebuild them from ground up.

  3. Don't stick with MM1 values in anything you see.  Make sure you always use MM3 / MV values for everything.  If you want a quick-dirty-free way to get MM3 numbers, check out Sly Flourish's cheat sheet.

  4. Make sure your players care about the adventure.  I don't run mods in home games because they feel too railroady and my players like to spread their adventure-legs.

Thats all the basics.  Have fun.
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