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Ok I am a new player with a new group (yes I know it's harder) and I was very adamant that I wanted to play as a dragonborn. My DM agreed to this but is making me do most of the work which is fair. My character so far has 18 strength, 18 constitution, 10 dexterity, 13 intelligence, 18 wisdom, 18 charisma, 6 fortitude, and 7 will. I need help in figuring out what powers and feats I can use and what reflex my character has. It is a warrior class male dragonborn if any of that helps. Thanks!
It is a level 1 just to put all of the info out there
You obviously aren't playing 4E (or, if you are, there are many things that seem to be done wrong). If playing a previous edition, you will get more help in the Previous Editions forums below.

Although, Dragonborn are character races in both 3.5 and 4E, what do you mean by the "DM is making (you) do most of the work"? Aside from plugging in numbers and making a few decisions, there shouldn't be that much "work" involved.

He is not going to provide any guidance for character creation? He would have provided the guidance if you wanted to play an Elf or Dwarf, but not a Dragonborn?
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