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*I've edited this deck since the OP. Originally I was pointing out weak points in this Sealed draft deck I've constructed now I'm just looking for some opinions on its current state*

Mountain x8
Plains x7
Boros Guildgate

Skinbrand Goblin x2
Bomber Corps
Wojek Halberdiers x2
Sunhome Guildmage x2
Ember Beast
Foundry Street Denizen
Burning-Tree Emissary
Court Street Denizen
Assault Griffin x2
Ordruun Veteran
Viashino Shanktail
Molten Primordial

Mugging x2
Massive Raidx2
Holy Mantle
Aerial Maneuver
Boros Keyrune *Iffy about this. Mana-fix but clunky. Maybe trade a land for another creature?*

-Side Board cards-
Pit Fight
Act of Treason *Better against Gruul/Boros*
Skyblinder Staff
Murder investigation
Would really help to autocard..... type card's name  but without the spaces inbetween.

That said, you have a really solid looking deck.  Low curve, high power creatures are great...and TWO guildmages?  wow.  Biggest issue I see, is the complete lack of flying you have.  You've got 2 griffins (which are great!) but little else.  A build like this needs to be removal heavy, or have lots of combat tricks to make sure you can keep up the attack.  

I'd definately take out the mark for death for the ariel.  Murder investigation isn't really fitting your aggro theme either.  And even though it can work....I'm not a fan of pit fight in a weenie rush deck.  

What were your other cards in the pool? 
Murder investigation

Actually you're probably right on this one. Now that I'm looking at my spread I don't have TOO much to gain from battalion. Besides my Guildmage can create tokens if need be. Protecting my lowbies with Aerial Maneuver would probably be better.
Wow....why aren't you running the bomber corp and the burning tree?  Those two are amazing in aggro decks.  You wanna talk batalion enabler?  A t-2 tree AND goblin, then t-3 ember beast or woejeck with mugging in hand.  The ONLY drawback to that, is that tree is double red in your deck, and many of your other 2 drops are r/w.  Although getting him on t-3 is still solid.  Bomber corps is great for removing x/1 creatures, or getting your creatures to trade up.  

I'd def drop murder investigation and mark for death for both of those creatures.  That would up your creature count to 16 solid creatures.

I'd also put the raid in, as it'll easily hit for 2-3 and removal pretty much anything you need gone.  I'd also cut the knight of obligation, as he's not fitting the aggro theme again.  

When you go full-on boros with no splash....there is NO lategame for you.  You either win big, early....or you go home.  A 2/4 for 4cc isn't helping with that...not to mention he's got no evasion.  

As for your defense of murder....I just don't see it.  Best case, you play t-2 wojek, t-3 murder on it (pray he doesn't get mugged in responce) and t-4 you have 1 creature to open.  Not what you want.  Even if they kill the woe, and you get 3 1/1's....they're still 1/1 creatures, and nothing on the field has battalion, so what's the point?   
I was definitely considering removing the Mark for Death as Act of Treason seems to do the job but better plus I have my Primordial for ending long games. I'm a little iffy running the Emissary with my W/R but it doesn't seem too bad even if it just becomes a 2/2 drop.

Thanks for the advice.
So I tried this deck against a Orzhov splash blue today. The only round I won was where I was able to quickly summon creatures before turn 6 or 7. The final round I got flooded with lands and lost. My question is: Would it be worth it to splash in a third color? I'm finding my removal spells to be quite weak, especially against creatures with evasion. My primordial and the creature I stole with it got Gridlocked (>_<) and at that point the game was gone anyway. Sunhome Guildmage I'm debating whether two in here is even necessary. The activate effect is not that useful if in a good game I'm relying on a low land count. I was considering splashing another color for creatures.

What do you think?
Mark for death and murder investigation are, well... bad.

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Mafia Game Slots:

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Assuming Ordruun Veteran. I had my doubts about this card but with Battalion this thing is a beast. They need to block it which basically means lose a creature or take at least 6. Combines well with Holy Mantle or bloodrush from Skinbrand Goblin. Weak against removal though.

Might sideboard, idk.
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