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If anyone is considering a new twist on Necomancers consider this: Consider the possibility that Necromancers are decended from various Gods of the Dead, Death and the Underworld. In such a case those that can trace their bloodlines back to Gods like Osiris, Hades, Yen-Wang-Yeh, and Nephythys can be true champions of good because they seek to ensure that the dead continue to rest and wage war against the Undead such as Liches and Dracoliches. Those that Trace their Bloodlines back to such gods like Nerull, Incabulos, Hel, Set, and Faluzure would be a different story; such Necromancers would be consumed by inner Demons, Self-Loathing, Fear of what they are and what they may become. Such Accursed Necromancers would wonder and live in fear of the day when Daddy comes to collect knowing that they will not take no for an answer. Those Necromancers that are evil would have the ambition to become the equal of their Dark Parentage and seek to carry out their evil will and possess the boldness to test their capabilities
I'd check out the garth nix abhorsen books.

Its about a family of Necromancers who devote their life to keeping the dead, dead and policing the realm of undeath.
Seems very close to what you typed out (minus them not being dmi-gods)

But I like you'r idea; Necromancers can be more than just evil arcane users bent on making undead hords and unleashing death.     


The Idea is that their divine nature becomes dormant among the decendents and the generations; while the sons and daughters would be demigods the distant decendents such as distant cousins great great grandchildren would not be, nor would they be aware of their liniage because the divine spark would be dormant unless they unknowingly stumbled onto the truth
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