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The Arcane Fire feat reads: "When you hit a target with an arcane fire power, that target gains vulnerable 5 cold against the first arcane attack power you use against it before the end of your next turn."

The fact that it says "The first power" instead of "The next power" leads me to believe that if you attacked something with a Cold/Fire power, the vulnerable damage would trigger right away, instead of on your next attack. Is this true?
Timing issue, powers are "used" when you pick them and take the action. You hit with a power well into "using" the power, so the trigger "use a power" is way far gone by the time you hit. You'd need to use a different power at some later point. It says "first" to prevent you from exploiting the vulnerability more than once.
Also, because it says "use" and not "hit",  the vulnerability still goes away if you miss (so you can't action point and try again), as long as the creature was targeted by the power.

  The one question area that might come up is what if the creature is affected by the power but not actually targeted.  For example, you have used Ice Stalagmites previously, and the creature would start its turn next to the stalagmite, thereby taking cold damage equal to your charisma modifier.
    In that case the vulnerabilty would not apply to the damage from the Ice Stalagmite effect, because you did not use the power on the creature.  Likewise, it your next arcane attack against the creature would have the benefit of vulnerable 5 cold.
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