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i heard that the character builder is going to be taken off is this true, is it runor or true
Who says ?

Its most likely a rumor.

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As of right now, it is rumor. At the very least, the Character Builder will be available until 5E releases in the Spring or Summer of 2014.

Wizards has stated their intention to leave the CB up and available to subscribers after 5E releases. Do not get your hopes up too high, though. If the Powers That Be in Wizards or Hasbro decide that the 4E Character Builder being available and maintained is cutting into the profits or success of 5E, they will kill it without hesitation or remorse (and probably without warning).
Instead of removing functionality, they should add a Basic, 1st edition AD&D , 2nd edition AD&D, and 3rd edition character builder as well.    Think big tent, get more people to use their service.