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Hello!  I made this deck sort of as a joke deck just for fun and to annoy my friends in our free for alls.  I took it down to the game day event this past saturday and did suprisingly well with it!  It won the first game against a RDW 2-0, won the second 2-1 against some kind of B/G/R ramp thing, tied in the third game against a B/W/R control/burn type deck, and tied the fourth so we both could get into the top 8, which put it at 2-0-2 before the top 8.  Then it beat a G/W aura, and finally lost in the top 4 against a B/W control deck because I never drew a Shrieking Affliction.  So in the end the deck managed 3-1-2 and I'm pretty proud of that.  Here's what it looks like...

Swamp x20

Drainpipe Vermin x4
Black Cat x4
Bloodthrone Vampire x3
Pack Rat x4
Ravenous Rats x4

Bone Splinters x4
Duress x4
Shrieking Affliction x4
Sign in Blood x4
Mind Rot x3
Murder x2

It didn't take long for me to realize how awesome Blood Artist would be in here so I'm planning on trading for some this friday.  I'll probably take out Bloodthrone Vampire and a Murder for em and take out the last murder and add in 1 Mutilate.  Other cards I've been trying out are: Ogre Slumlord which requires me to bump my lands up to 24, Desecration Demon for extra control and power, Typhoid Rats which I actually haven't tried yet but could possibly be for more aggro? Skirsdag High Priest but the problem I've had with him is that I rarely have 2 other creatures left on the field when the morbid triggers, and even Immortal Servitude which also causes me to bump my lands up to 24.

So what do yall think?  I guess what I'm looking for is what cards you think could make this deck better.

Thanks in advance and have a fun day! 
Thanks for the reply, trample and flying are the only things that I really have problems with creature wise. As long as they don't have either of those I can usually chump block and make em discard all day. I also had 4 Vampire Nighthawks in the side board that helped with that, but I understand and share your conserns.

The nighthawks + the removal I have are the only ways I see that this deck and handle larger creatures so if you shave any suggestions I'm open to em! 
I still  haven't tested them yet.  I'm not sure what I would reaplace with Typhoid Rats, Drainpipe Vermin maybe?  Both cards are solid 1 drop creatures in there own ways.
If you are going to keep in instant-speed removal, I would recommend Victim of Night.
The reason I'd rather keep Black Cat over Drainpipe Vermin is that with the vermin you have to leave 1B open to activate it's discard.  This prevents you from being able to go into a turn two (any other creature) and a turn 3 Mind Rot.  While it's still possible, if they drop a turn 3 Boros Reckoner, to be able to Bone Splinters it and Drainpipe Vermin, use it's ability, and still have 1 mana left over, if I went with a turn 2 Black Cat, then I could do the same thing except have 2 mana left over and they had to discard a card at random which can be very painful.  But, hey, I'm not gonna knock it till I try it so I'll do some testing with Typhoid Rats today.

@Hreth-  I've been wondering about adding Victim of Night over Bone Splinters but haven't tested it yet.  If I had more instant speed removal at the game day event then the Obzedat, Ghost Council wouldn't have been a problem in the final game.

I'll test both cards out and get back to yall witht he results.  In the mean time, if you have anymore recommendations, I'm still open to them! 
In my B/U zombie deck (which is fun, but not competitive at the moment), I use both Bone Splinters and Victim of Night.
lol, i'm thinking about making a instant removal deck of just black so far.

vampire nighthawks
nightveil specter
geralf's messenger
crypt ghast

tragic slip
killing glare
tribute to hunger
devour flesh

thats pretty much the base of the deck thats 36 cards right there adn the biggest is a three drop. add in 24 land to that and i get a even 60 
@theNEWMAN-  That's actualy 32 cards, 4 short of 36.  You wont need Crypt Ghast because you aren't actually ramping into anything.  Here's how I would run the deck..

Gravecrawler x4
Blood Artist x4
Vampire Nighthawk x4
Geralf's Messenger x4

Tragic Slip x4
Killing Wave x2
Sign in Blood x4
Victim of Night x4
Murder x4
Mutilate x4

Swamp x22


I did some testing on several of the options for this deck and in the end I haven't found a way to make it more efficient than it already is (once Blood Artists are added).  The Typhoid Rats>Black Cat certainly did make Pack Rat more of a threat, but my discard suffered noticeably from it.  I tried replacing the discard with cards such as Ogre Slumlord and Skirsdag High Priest but then the deck turned into some weird aggro/control hybrid thing.  I did find that the Typhoid Rats were very effective against aggro though, so I will likely put them into the sideboard.

After testing the Victim of Nights I've decided to keep the Bone Splinters.

Thanks for the help so far but I still have ALOT of testing to do! 
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