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Does mortus strider hit the graveyard when it dies and then returnsto your hand? More to the point can cremate exile it before it rreturns to your hand?
Yes. In fact, it necessarily must hit the graveyard in order for the game to consider that it has died. Cremate can exile it as you describe.
The very nature of what the word "dies" means answers that for you:

700.6. The term dies means "is put into a graveyard from the battlefield."


When Mortus Strider's ability triggers, it is in the graveyard, and as such is a legal target for Cremate.  If it is exiled, it won't return to your hand. 
Huzzah then.
see Progenitus or Darksteel Colossus for a wording where the card never hits the graveyard
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Huzzah then.

You can also "mill" it or discard it: it won't trigger then.

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