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Just read another post that made me think of this.  How does tapping affect the ability to attack?  If you tap something to activate its ability, can you still attack?  Or can you attack and use the tapping motion of the attack to activate the ability?

Or can you not do both, attack and activate the ability?
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The first thing that happens during the declare attackers step is that you choose which creatures attack and then tap them.  You are not allowed to attack with a creature that is already tapped.  After that, the active player gets priority.  Now you can tap a creature to use it's ability, but if you tapped it to attack, you wont be able to pay the cost.

If you have a creature with vigilance, you could attack with it, and then  tap it to activate an ability.
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However, if a creature has vigilance, you can declare an attack with it and then use an activated ability that causes it to tap.

This is because of what vigilance means:

702.19b Attacking doesn’t cause creatures with vigilance to tap. (See rule 508, "Declare Attackers

Also, tapping or untapping a creature that's already attacking or blocking does nothing to stop it from attacking or blocking:

506.4b Tapping or untapping a creature that’s already been declared as an attacker or blocker
doesn’t remove it from combat and doesn’t prevent its combat damage.


If I have a Mishra's Factory then, I cannot turn it into a creature, bump itself up +1 +1 and attack all at the same time?  This is the card that we play with and I need my buddy to see whether he can do this or not.
not easily

if you have something that gives Vigilance, you can do it, otherwise, no
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That isn't possible, as Mishra's Factory has to tap itself to use its +1/+1 ability.

Now, if you give Mishra's Factory vigilance (Akroma's Memorial, Serra's Blessing), you would be able to attack and then use its ability.

But, as it doesn't have vigilance under normal circumstances, you could not do this without something like that to allow it. 
That does work while blocking though.

You can block then when you get priority tap to activate the ability.  This will not remove it from combat or prevent any damage.
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Thanks everyone.  We have been playing wrong up to this point, lol.
Note that if a creature has an ability that says "whenever (this creature) becomes tapped, (do something)", then attacking with that creature (while it doesnt have Vigilance) WILL trigger that ability.

Thats the difference between an activated ability (written "[cost]:[effect]") and a triggered ability (which use "when"/"whenever"/"at") - if you want to use an activated ability you must pay the cost, but a triggered ability happens whenever you satisfy the triggered condition (for whatever reason).

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That makes no sense to me. If they spelled the ability out on the card in full then it would not be allowed in a mono-black Commander deck, but because they used a keyword to save space it is allowed? ~ Tim
Yup, just like you can have Birds of paradise in a mono green deck but not Noble Hierarch. YAY COLOR IDENTITY
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