Abundant Growth

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Does Abundant Growth provide an additional mana or does it just the type of mana the enchanted land can produce?
it doesn't give additional mana, it just gives the opportunity to get different mana

Overgrowth would be an example of a similar card that gives additional mana
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The two green from Overgrowth are also not in addition to the mana originally spend from the enchanted land? Is it an replacement effect?
they are in addition
so if you enchant a Forest you get out of it
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Contrast the wording of these cards: Abundant Growth vs Verdant Haven

Abundant Growth gives the land an activated mana ability. You must activate either it or the land's original ability.

Verdant Haven has a triggered mana ability. Whenever you tap the land for mana (i.e., activate the land's own mana ability), you also get one additional mana from the Haven.

Neither of those are replacement effects.

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