Question: Sacred Fist Progression

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Hey folks, So I need help. Basically here is my situation. My character is a Human Wight, for a total LA +4. The DM waived 2 LA from the template in the Savage Species, and we are starting at ECL 4. That leaves me with two levels. I decided to play a monk / cleric, who eventually prestiges into Sacred Fist. My question is... because I need the combat reflexes feat, which comes at monk level 2, in order to get into the sacred fist prestige class, is a second level of monk worth it. Should I try to maintain the best Casting Level I can, or should I get an extra feat while I can?
If you want something cheesy to solve this issue get the chest of the serpent (or something like that) in serpents kingdoms, it gives combat reflexes as a bonus feat, ig you can't then take the second leVel you don't really lose much
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