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My playgroup and I have pretty good decks for casual players.
Usually I have absolutely no problem building good deck than can compete with them.
Exept for this one:

- When I play stoneforge mystic, she doesn't last a turn. If she survive, my equipment is exile the next turn even with all the discard.

- I lose a LOT of life Caves of koilos / Bitterblossom very fast.

I tried some changes over time, but nothing really worked out.

And I don't have THAT much money. So buying lands like scrubland or marsh flats are out of my budget. Same thing with Vindicate. I would like to keep the change to around 10$ a card and maybe one card at 20$.

Thank you very much for your help!  
you need more equipment to play stonefore altho tbh i think you should cut her - she is very good just doesnt go well with tokens

tidehollow sculler im not a fan - usually it ensds up being a grizzly bears that annoyed opponent a bit before it died.

i dont see how lifeloss would be a serious problem probably cut all your creatures and stay w tokens

but in general the deck looks pretty good as is - can you tell more about what goes wrong? 
Well, usualy I don't have tokens fast enough to keep the pace with the opponent. 
When then come in play I have to chump block or my opponent finish me in two turns.

And for stoneforge, I'd say Umezawa Jitte is probably 25% of my wins.

If I remove stoneforge, what would you suggest I add?

Thanks for the answer  
well atm it sounds like you often come up against fast agro, and that's what causing trouble?

do or die is a pretty neat removal spell, and that's what i would suggest to deal with fast agro; lots of removal.

and kitchen finks
you could also make room for wall of omens mainboard and perimeter captain in sideboard - you can also get leyline of sanctity

either way, agro is relatively easy to sideboard against.

tokens is a pretty strong strategy but you do need a few turns to set up.

atm intangible is only supporting 7-10 cards - that's a little low - spectral procession is a great token spell.

but like i said it sounds like the problem is sideboard rather than main - or if fast agro is the default opponent, then your mainboard should build up against that.
Perfect! Thanks for the suggestions!
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