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Deck is at 64 cards. Want to survive against fast decks. They are rediculously fast.
Just came back from a five round FNM. A guy sitting next to me was playing Dimir mill, with a list similar to yours. I don't know what his end result was, but basically he did not do well, because the deck was too slow. As you say, aggro is fast. A good aggro deck is designed to win by T4, and if you can't respond to that you won't be competitive. My deck can theoretically win by T3. So while I think these are fun decks, and I would have loved to have played against him, I don't think they can compete in today's Standard. This is not meant to discourage you: I love when players at our FNM try different things and care more about having fun than winning. Just don't expect to be overly competitive with Dimir mill.
I do have a backup plan. W/U/B for control. I would have to look at my list, but it is complete creature control. And I think it is even creatureless. Slow mill, bounces, wipes and all that fun. Thanks for your input. It did not discourage me, quite the opposite in fact. 
that deck list is good, but i think you should work on the sorcery's if you actually have all those lands your set and getting the sorcerys would be piece of cake for you i'm assumming. i believe you should add in some Undercity Plague 4coloress man 2swap target player discards a card loses 1 life and sacs a permanent with cipher i did that a couople times last FNM and it went really well i even had 3 of them on the same jaces phantasm overkill yes i would consider adding in just a tad bit more cipher spells and then it hink you would be set

check out page 2 of my updated list
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