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Feel free to add comments, questions, suggestions, whatever. Deck is somewhat untested, and is just an evolution of my GW deck now that Boros Reckoner is a card.

4 Terminus
1 Detention Sphere
1 Tree of Redemption
1 Silklash Spider
1 Nevermore
2 Sigarda, Host of Herons
3 Centaur Healer
2 Rest in Peace

Some stuff of note:
Tracker is really nice, but boy does it SUCK against Reckoner. Considering cutting it, or moving it to the SB. Comes out against every red deck almost, and is only really nice once you start stabilizing, and its hard to fit it well into the mana curve.
Planning to cut a Township for a Moorland Haunt, may cut a Sunpetal Grove and a Hinterland Harbor for a second Breeding Pool and a Hallowed Fountain, but I haven't had serious mana issues in most of my playtest games so far thanks to Farseek.
Garruk, Primal Hunter is one of the most important cards in the deck. Want at least one more Garruk somewhere.
The second most important is Restoration Angel. It interacts with Thragtusk, Trostani, Zegana, SB Centaur Healer and provides protection for your creatures while being a blocker.
Selesnya Charm is a removal spell for things that you have trouble beating - Thundermaw Hellkite and Angel of Serenity, while giving you a potential blocker and winning combat.
Also want to fit in a third Trostani somewhere, as it is probably one of the best cards to help you stabilize.
Loxodon Smiter is a lot less attractive with Boros Reckoner being around- a card that could stop almost all of the aggro deck's early stuff has now become a wimpy speedbump that can just as easily kill you. I have one in right now, and its probably going to be a Trostani as soon as I get to a LGS to buy one.
Zegana is the real deal, but its hard not to have Sphinx's Revelations in your deck. Think that either a 2-1 or 2-2 split in favor of Zenaga is the answer.
Collective Blessing commonly just lets me win games when I cast it-turning elves into 4/4's on turn 3 or 4 can be rather backbreaking for an opponent. Also makes Garruk Tokens win you the game while only having one or two, draws more cards when you cast Zenaga or use Garruk's -3, and makes your fight bears fight without fighting.

Sideboard notes:
I prefer Terminus out of the side over Supreme Verdict, as I benefit more from putting things on the bottom than I do killing them. This deck draws a lot of cards once it gets going. Terminus gives me what I need-early sweepers more than Supreme Verdict.
Centaur Healer might end up moving into the mainboard if Trackers end up leaving, replacing Avenger. 


collective blessing is a no-no here

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collective blessing is a no-no here

Agree mostly, but its hard to actually win a game I've stabilized without it, but I'll probably move it back into the sideboard (where it was when I played GW pre-GTC) to make room for Garruk.
Also, after doing some test hands, I've gone ahead and moved Trackers into the sideboard, and Healers into the mainboard.

Also, really need a way to win the midrange mirrors. Heaping amounts of #Value only get you so far against Angel of Serenity. 


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