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I've been quite interested in Jund lately and I was looking at a few other lists to run cards from. But I don't have the budget to run the same creatures as most lists I'm seeing. I know I have a play set of [C]Vampire Nighthawk[/C] but cards like [C]Thragtusk[/C] and [C]Olivia Voldaren[/C] I probably won't be able to get my hands on very soon. I've considered running that gruul combo people have been talking about with [C]Burning-Tree Emissary[/C] and [C]Ghor-Clan Rampager[/C] but it only really works well if you already have a creature out to swing with. 

Anyways, here's my list in progress. I'm taking the hit on my budget with the shocks. But that's all I can plan for right now.

I assume I'm gonna be building around the basic Midrange card count of 24 Land, 16 Creatures, and 20 Other Spells until I get some play testing in. If anyone is opposed to that idea just let me know. This is still the roughest draft I have of this list.
jund is already a well established archetype.  you have some basic ideas right, but some of your cards are off (clan definance, deathrite shaman is very, very overrated in standard, skullcrack is completely unplayable in this deck, your removal suite is pretty far off).

i suggest looking at some of the recent jund lists that have done well recently (like at the PT this past weekend) to get some good ideas.

you likely want about 25 lands with 4 farseek and possibly a rakdos keyrune or 2.   

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Okay thanks, I was getting some of the same input at FNM. Right now it looks like I'm gonna be running these cards... 

Of course this is still a very flimsy list. I realized the Ghor-Clan/Burning-Tree combo wasn't that great because people will just see it coming before the combat phase. And then I found that Burning-Tree and Farseek make a very strong 2nd turn by not only fetching for a shock, but also getting a 2/2 blocker. And I'm gonna keep the Deathrite and Clan Defiance in right now just because they have both done works for me in the past. (Clan Defiance only in drafts, but I really wanna give it a shot in standard.)
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