DM DnD 3.5e looking for players (maptools/skype)

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My friend and I are looking to form a DnD 3.5 group to play sessions weekly (hopefully), we will most likely do it on weekends in the afternoon (US central). I can help newbies, I have a decent amount of experiance in both playing and DM-ing and my friend has alot more than I. I own most of 3.5e books. The world setting will be homebrew (a combo of emberron/planescape). I tend to go pretty flexable in what I allow players to do, so long as its not obritarty and doesnt ruin the others experaince. We will be using Skype to talk and maptools for visuals, both free to download and use. I only have 2 requirements to join, 16+ years of age and to be mature about things. 

If you are interested, reply to this, send me a pm here, or add me on skype ( templarwolf1). 

Happy Gaming

EDIT: Sorry everyone but I have filled heavily on PCs for the campaign, no more free space.  
nat20 games is a Rpg group over skype

we have:
A built in dice roller
virtual char sheets
a ton of freindly members who can help you with any of youre problems
our group number at about 25 people who love rpg, we are a comunity of ppl who make finding a game easy

still not sure ? come have a conversasion with me and see if its right for you my skype is Excile747
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