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How does this card work? I am assuming it just means that the player cannot be a target of any spell/ability. Would this also mean a planeswalker card or other creatures?
it just means player

however, many things that seem to target a planeswalker actually target the player
for example if you want to cast Lightning Bolt on a planeswalker, you can't do that (planeswalkers are neither creatures nor players), you have to target the player and redirect the damage.
so in this case the orb protects the planeswalker

the planeswalker will not be protected from things that target him directly, such as Dreadbore or Oblivion Ring
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and if you're asking whether planeswalkers or creatures could do things to you.

possibly, provided the fashion they do it with isn't a spell or ability that targets you

- a creature can still attack you (no spells/abilities or targeting going on here)
- a Pestilence Demon could hurt you with his activated ability (doesn't target)
- Chandra Ablaze could have you discard your hand with her activated ability (doesn't target)
- Gideon Jura could become a 6/6 creature and attack you

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