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Is there an existing rule/faq that limits the way we can customize the adventure system board games like max/min number of cards in the treasure/monster/encounter decks, max/min copies of cards in those decks and such.

Don´t exist rule o FAQ about how custom the Adv Systems Decks, but in this link have some suggestions to mix WoA & Castle R.

You can increase or remove the cards you want depending on how you want to play because it is not a competitive game.

I have my three games mixed and also the Monster deck has creatures of Dungeon Command

For example i have in my monster deck: 3 feral troll (2 for Drizzt n´1 for T.Goblins) 5 Demon spider (3 for CR n´2 for S.Lolth)

I hope that answers
your questions
n´ sorry for the bad english ^_^!
Battle doesn't need a purpose; the battle is its own purpose. You don't ask why a plague spreads or a field burns. Don't ask why I fight. "Black Knight" Dungeon Command in Spanish Fb group -
Thanks! Reason why I asked is because mylocal game group sort of wanted to exploit the allies from the dungeon command hoc faction pack. Since we have at least 3 copies, they were suggesting to mix all copies of the encounter card that allows you to draw an ally card.
I say experiment a little until you get the desired difficulty level. Adding more allies is a major power boost for the heroes while adding more Dungeon Command monsters can make things really difficult. I t's really about finding your own sweet spot for difficulty. You can also really change the flavor the of the game by adding specific types of monsters and not others, especially if you're using the Dungeon Command kits.

The one thing I always recommend is mixing the treasure cards from CR and WoA every time I play. I find that gives me a better mix of boons, consumables, and items than just either pack alone.
You may want to chec out Dungeon Crusade >>>
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