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Hi everyone!

Help me out here guys.  My friends and I have recently gotten into this kick of creating SNES characters into 4E PC's.  I picked Mega Man. Now I dont want to make a "robot".  Maybe a human in some sort of armor.  The two biggest things is his "gun" and how he gets his "powers".  I am really looking for some ideas on what class to use, some RP ideas (bc I will have to get this all by the DM lol), how to explain him charging his "gun" (I know its called the "Mega buster" gun is easier lol).  I figure it could be some "magic gauntlet".  And we plan to play these characters in a very high magic realm.  Maybe Eberron.  Maybe more magic than that! Also, anything else someone might think of to enhance this character.  I already have a pretty good idea for backstory but I wanted to hear from the community.  He needs to level 1 but ideas for future levels is not only appreciated, but needed! 

I know this is silly, but, you know, DnD is all about having fun!  And I apologize if this is not the appropriate forum for this.  I need to post this somewhere else let me know.

Thanks for all the help!

My first idea

1-      Race: Warfordged (Refluff as a half-robo guy) this will let you get all the cool attachments warfordged can use and still have a lot of robo advantages (don’t eat, sleep, breath ext.)

2-      Class: Warlock- they essentially just blat big globs of energy which can be refluffed as different “shots” from your hand cannon.

3-      Implements: since they take up a hand slot, I’d just refluff an implement as your arm-cannon.


If you weren't against "robot", I'd recommend a Warforged in a heartbeat. 

Could go artificer (crossbow is kinda like a gun) and the "gauntlet" is a flavor thing, maybe a bunch or arcane sigils floating around his hand. As to the armor, it is feasible to go up to ring mail in a couple levels, which still counts as a light armor so you can still add INT to AC

@Clive: A Warforged could attach their rod/wand inside their arm, and make it a gauntlet. 

I forgot about that! and I agree the Warforged crossbow attachment would be cool for this idea,

As well the attachable blade would work for the energy sword mega-man has. I only shy away from the Artificer because I feel he wants more a Striker build. Maybe an Artificer/Warlock (not sure how those builds would mesh/ I'd go to the OP fourms and ask about it if you choose that path) would allow him to use a crossbow as an implement and still let spam eldrige blast things. (which would work really well to RP a Mega-gun blast)

Like I said, I would go with Warfordged as a race and Refluffed it as a human if you really want to follow the Mega Man theme, could easily just Roleplay you’re a human who was injured and rebuilt with warfordged parts, and your blaster works by a mix of arcane energy and alchemy.


If you go warlock go Vestige pact so you can switch on different secondary power effects as you use different "-MAN" power sets.

Fey Beast tammer theme from fey wild would let you call the dog to fight by your side.

Highest number of attacks for the versetillity of haveing so many weapons you can plug in would be a human (extra at will)  essentials wizard (mage) that takes the feat to swap out the essentials school mastery for tome of readyness.  Refluff the tome as more of a scroll tube that you have over one hand.
The sea looks at the stabillity of the mountian and sighs. The mountian watches the freedom of the sea and cries.
Thanks guys! All this info is great. I don't know why I never thought about making him a warforged either as a half human or disguised as one. The Fey Tamer thing is great. With all this great advice the only thing I have to worry about now is how to make his "Robot Master" enemies. Really in being how they all have a signature attack and how this "Mega Man" would absorb them. Thanks again everyone!
Stealing powers from enemies is very hard in 4E. You can make enemies use their own powers against others (Hypnotism, for example), but that requires the enemy to still be alive.

They way I would do it is to start with a Half-Elf Bard, choosing the Dilettante option. Then pick up the Combat Virtuoso feat and start multiclassing and taking the Novice, Adept and Acolyte Power feats. When you reach level 11, choose the paragon multiclass option instead of a paragon path and immediately pick up the Versatile Master feat.

The result is that you can choose just about every power (at-will, encounter, daily and utility) in the game. Now keep a close record of what bosses you've defeated, and what kind of "signature moves" they used. Then open the Compendium and look for a power that most closely imitates what they did, and take it at the first possible opportunity.

It's a bit convoluted and you won't do a lot of damage this way (since Combat Virtuoso only lets you use CHA for attack, not damage), but you're guaranteed to have fun with a character this versatile!
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