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I created several playlists for my D&D sessions that others might find useful.

Battle Playlist


Overland/Ambient Playlist

Sorrow/Peace/Epilogue Playlist

Temple/Divine Playlist

Town/Tavern Playlist

Victory Playlist

Villain/Evil Playlist

Cool! I've been looking for something like this. Honestly, I'm not the DM (Yet- but soon...), but I think I'll talk my dad into letting me play these during games.

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Have to see if I can pull these up on the 360 browser ... I think not, but that would rock if I can. 

Otherwise, I could try to stream them from my IPhone and plug it into my tuner.

Alternatively, I could just hook a laptop up the tuner.

One way or the other, I have to give these a try. I actually did get a comment a few weeks back about how my gaming music is starting to get repetitive ...       

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hey thats some pretty good stuff. we normaly play Summoning while we DnD, but this is going to get a turn in the rotation for sure
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