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When playing Keep on the Shadowfell is there any reason that we should not use our own custom characters rather than the pre-gens?  I'm thinking that using custom characters would be fine, but was not sure if there would be conflict with the storyline or something else that would result in a headache.  I want to use a prefabricated module for the starting of a group, but want to also use custom characters.
There will be no problem.
The story is not designed with the pregens in mind.
I will indeed be better with custom-made characters, and you might want to optimize them a little bit to survive the first few encounters which seem rather brutal.
You might need to tweak a few of the default treasure items depending on the party composition, but that shouldn't be particularly troublesome.
It's fine - recommended even.  Those pre-gens are pretty bad.
We ran through the module last year with some folks who didn't know the rules too well. I wasn't the DM, but I made a bunch of Essentials pregens for it. I modeled them after the various 'iconics' of 3e, since that's the game the group knows. (It was kinda fun making them.) Unnecessary story aside, yeah, you can do away with the crappy pregens that came packed with the module with no consequences.
4e D&D is not a "Tabletop MMO." It is not Massively Multiplayer, and is usually not played Online. Come up with better descriptions of your complaints, cuz this one means jack ****.
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