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So now that Blood of Gruumsh has been released, has anyone had a chance to try it out?  What Creatures/Order Cards really stand out to you?  I can't wait to pick it up sometime this week.
Unfortunately in the UK we get it two days late, so we'll see when it's avaiilable tomorrow.
Anyone know what the availability is in Oz?  I got a friend down there picking up a couple boxes for us.
Got mine today (Live in UK).  The sculpts are ggggrrreat!
Now had opportunity to peruse the set ...

Best sculpt is the Orc Druid (closely followed by the Ogre).

Best creature card is the Orc Chieftan, a nice power that could give you an early advantage ... being able to deploy an Orc  of level 3 or lower with this creature (leadership increased by the level of creature to allow this).

Best order card is Fury of Gruumsh. Big boost to melee damage, helped by healing order cards in this set.  Disadvantage would be coming up against low  level/HP creatures.
Edit: Woops, rambled on a bit there. :p TLDR version: Very good, Don't use Lokar.

I played three games earlier today with MrFaloon using Gruumsh base sets only.

The first game was indoors with me as Drogar, MrFaloon as Lokar.
The second, outside, leaders reversed.
The third back inside, both as Drogar.

Lokar is not very good in the base set. If you built a deck around the Orc Druid and Beasts, then he has the potential to lock someone in their starting zone while one or two little creatures run around grabbing all the treasure on the board, but as his creature hand is only three it relies on you having one druid and at least one big beast in your starting hand. Overall a weak commander.

Drogar on the other hand is brilliant. The lower leadership is a little hinderance, but that is mitigated if you are able to deploy a level two or three orc with the Chieftain. During our second game I had the Benny Hill theme (Yakety Sax) running through my head as MrFaloon had his troops walking casually through a forest while awaiting reinforcements and I could barely move half the distance towards his creatures. (It wasn't helped that we were pretty much circling a wall in the middle of the board. :p) Being able to ignore difficult terrain is a massive boost.

Lots of lovely difficult terrain to slow down your enemies. The storeroom on Grummsh 4 has two exits and so is not a deathtrap like the one on Goblins 4 if enemies are around. Not much else to say other than the outside will be a massiv headache to ranged decks as it is almost all blocking terrain. MrFaloon did point out one thing about Gruumsh 2 though: I wouldn't want to stand in there (dungeon side) against someone with Firetrap...

The Druid is very good, even though thereare only three Beasts in the base set (Owlbear, Boar, Wereboar), build a deck around them and it has potential for great pain. Also he can use Cure Serious Wounds which saved creatures on both sides many times, especially when they were about to die from Fury of Gruumsh.

The Boar and Wereboar's Death Strike ability is very effective and allows for some abusde: stick Fury of Gruumsh on for extra damage even on the death. If you can attach cards that up their damage (Beastmaster) and also have Vorpal Sword on the Wereboar and a +10 from somewhere else (Undaunted Surge for example) you have a killing powerhouse who can outright kill any creature it hits that doesn't block any of the damage. Add some +x damage orders to this and you're laughing. However it would make them a target for ranged and level 1 kills.

Of course, everyone that has seen the previews elsewhere on this forum knows how powerful the Chieftain is, but if one player gets one at the start, the potential to steamroll your opponent is high, especially when combined with a high leadership value (though not Lokar... :p)

Charge was used many times to mess up someone's plans. Thinking we're safe organising our troops out of range of movement and suddenly a charge that moves an already poweful creature into range and increases their damage... Yes it can be done with Into the Fray and another order, but that's two cards.

Savage Demise can be used to good effect to mess up your opponent's plans at times. Also as a level 1 card, it makes even the little throwaway creatures much more useful.

Hurl rock is a ranged melee damage order. As such it is not an attack, and can be done whilst adjacent to an enemy. Annoyingly good, especially since I was never able to draw one. :p

Lots of good damage prevention cards in here: prevent and draw, prevent and gain morale, prevent and opponent looses morale. Very nice.

The tapping effect of Furious Bellow caused many a creature death that would have been possible to prevent, especially with the slide pushing troops towards enemy lines.

Bone-Chilling Rally Cry is a very good if your creature hand is full of high level creatures. Using it first turn in our first game allowed me to have the Chieftain, Barbarian and two Archers out (If I remember correctly... might have been the druid... either way it was good).

Fury of Gruumsh is a Hail Mary Ploy, almost... It is good for increasing damage, but if you run out of targets and the creature with it is still alive, then you are taking damage for no benefit. Could be mitigated with a custom deck: say Dwarf Cleric, Regenerate, etc. Risky, but very good.

Stomp is a mini-fireball.

Cure Serious Wounds... Minor Action, heal adjacent for 40... need I say more!?

Vorpal Sword has great potential if used on a strong creature, but will make that creature a target for ranged. Stilll it is a good way to clear out a pesky, high-health creature. Assuming the opponent doesn't block enough damage.

Beastmaster is pretty good, but won't really shine unless it is used in a Druid / Beast deck (or Priestess / Spider deck) as the base doesn't have many beasts.

Turn Undead. Well since we were both using the base sets we remmoved this from play: no undead in the orc armies. :p But it does have a range of five. That means an 11 by 11 square (centered on the caster). It's size is insane. Obviously it still requires LOS, but a very impressive card. Just of very limited use. A good card to run with Rhynseera or Uncanny Dodge since if you are not fighting Undead you can ditch it.

The sculpts are good quality, as is the paint job, though as with any mass-produced hand-painted products there are many areas with mistakes, just like in the other sets. These mistakes are minor though and do not detract from the models.

The only problem is the faces of the orcs look... off-putting, odd, not sure entirely how to put it. Though MrFaloon did point out that the Barbarian looks like he modelled for the painting: The Scream. :D

This set seems quite well balanced... if you ignore Lokar. During our first game, some lucky card draws. combined with manouverability and a set-up deployed Chieftan saw me wipe out MrFaloon in about five / six turns with five creatures out at the end with no dead creatures. The second game was not quite so quick, but was still won by MrFaloon as Drogar, mostly due to his maneouverability. It did go down to the wire, but never really felt even. The third game however was a really close-fought one. We were both down to low single-digit morale and came down to "if you can block any damage from this attack then you will beat me next turn." Going to MrFaloon as I could not prevent any damage.

Poor MrFaloon did not see an Orc Chieftan in either of the first two games: bottom of the deck in the first game, the second he did manage to draw it, but won before he could deploy. He did get one out on the third game, but I don't think it lasted too long. For me: Hurl Boulder was the bane of my existence: never did get one, but he had a habit of picking off Archers / Druids with it.

Very good set, and I think after the release event tournament on Sat I will be pinching many a card from this deck for my constructed decks. :p Maybe a few of the creatures too, but the orcs tend to work best with the orcs. Still with two more Wisdom creatures, four more Wisdom orders and another Evil Wisdom creature, a Wisdom-based order deck is a lot more viable. And as three of those four Wisdom creatures have Constitution they seem like a natural pair.
Just ordered mine today!  Can't wait til it come in!

My set arrived in the mail today.   I liked the Curse of Undeath set more for the miniatures.  However, there is a lot of good that can be said about these new sculps.  I liked how the orcs consistently had a lot of distance between their mouths and their noses.  DnD has explained that this set is meant to redesign Orcs.  Or rather this faction pack is meant to be the first amoung many, which distinguishes orcs from other types of humanoids.

The art was good in other ways.  The Orc Cleric has a very well detailed staff.  The Boar has her head tured very aggressively.  And the Ogre's skin is well painted.  

On the other hand I think the orcs have a bad eye for colors.  Perhaps they need to listen to their wives more rather than simply trying to match the colors of their fellow orcs.  While I am critisising their culture, I might has well go all the way.  You orcs also need to stop your worship of Gruumsh.  He is an evil god.  You should show mercy to the weak and not eat your neighbors. 

In conclusion, I am happy with my set.  I intend to play with it this weekend.  
I like my Orcs green....not blue-ish. Will probably repaint someday. That said, I love most of the rest of this faction box. Some very useful/powerful Order cards in there, at least in theory, haven't had the chance to try them yet.
Ogre with vorpal Sword and magic short sword! One hit you are dead
Unfortunately, I do not play DC. I would if I could find other players, but my local stores hold only D&D 4E games. Regardless, I do have all but one of the DC sets (do not have Heart of Corymr and do not plan to get it). I use the minis for my 3.5 game.

I picked up BoG today. I am lukewarm with respect to the sculpts of the orcs. Their faces look somewhat deformed, like someone stretched their heads vertically. It is particularly weird looking on the Orc Barbarian and the Orc Chieftain. The closest comparison that I have among my older figs is the Mountain Orc from Aberrations. The Mountain Orc's mouth is so vertically wide it looks oddly distended. Beyond that the BoG orcs look close enough to my older orcs that I will have no problem mixing them into my existing battles. I actually think the BoG orcs look very much like the Orc Sergeant from Aberrations, Orc Warrior (not sure of the set), and Orc Wardrummer from War Drums. They are also reasonably close but not as much so to the Orc Savage from Deathknell and Orc Raider from Dungeons of Dread. They look very little like the Orc Raider from DD1 or the Orc Spearfighter from Harbinger. I do not mind that they look different than these last two as they are my least favorite orcs although my dislike for the Orc Spearfighter has to do with its teeth; I like the concept. I also have a 3rd party Orc Archer that looks like a giant goblin so I am glad the BoG orcs are different than that one.

My biggest objection to the BoG orcs are their shoulders. They are so large that they look silly (my first choice of words would be a bit harsher). I grew up in the 70s and 80s so these hulking shoulders remind me of the same dismay I had when all my old, beloved Star Wars figures were re-released in the 90s and early 2000s and looked like they were on steroids. It might be a personal issue for me, which I readily admit, but these orcs look so steroid buffed that I want to laugh at them. For me, there is a difference between making them look big and strong and being extreme to the point of absurdity.

I REALLY dislike the ogre. In fact, I will say that I HATE the ogre. I cannot imagine using him as an ogre. First, and this issue is probably more to do with my individual figure, his right arm is not glued on correctly. There is a huge gap in his armpit and it looks like someone sliced open his back right below the armpit. Hopefully, they put other ogres together better than they did mine. Second and more importantly, he's just a bald, giant blob. He reminds me of a light colored Blood Hulk. Alternatively, maybe someone shaved one of the larger, steroid using orcs. To be fair, I've not been very happy with any of my ogre choices. The Ogre Ravager (I forget the set) does not do it for me either. I dislike the Skullcrusher Ogre from Deathknell as it looks wrong to me too, but a lot of that wrongness has to do with its head and hair. My favorite ogre is the Brutal Ogre Warhulk from Demonweb although that also seems to be D&D 4E. I would have preferred the BoG ogre have an appearance like the Brutal Ogre Warhulk. I understand WotC is redesigning some monsters and apparently the ogre is one of them. I hope they are not done with their design concept because I think the ogre from BoG lacks creativity. Third, like the orcs, he has the same steroid infused shoulder and neck issue. I get it: they're strong. However, it looks too over-the-top for me.

I got this set mostly for the Owlbear. I am not sure what I think of it yet. It is not quite what I envisioned with an owlbear but I am content with it. I think I might have liked some sculpting of feathers hanging from below the outstretched arm but maybe it looks better in my mind than it would when sculpted. I think what the owlbear lacks most is color. He is the same brown and black as the boar and the same brown as the ogre clothing and wereboar fur. If the owlbear was lighter colored or had some white highlights or lighter patches of feathers, I would be happier. It looks like someone thought about it as the owlbear seems to have some coppery color mixed in by the neck but it looks like a half-hearted effort. Still, I finally have an owlbear so I will be happy.

The BoG Wereboar looks better in some ways than the Wereboar from Archfiends. The Wereboar from Archfiends looks comical to me. That said, I am not super happy with the BoG Wereboar. From a distance, he looks like he could be a werewolf. Nothing about the BoG wereboar stands out as unique to me. It could even pass as an orc. To the Archfiend version's credit, no one would ever mistake the Archfiend Wereboar for a werewolf or anything other than a boar of some type. I think what I would have preferred is a more humanoid looking Archfiend version or a more boarish looking BoG version. Again, there is no creativity with color. The BoG Wereboar is the same brown and gray as everyone else. Surely someone could add some tint to the base colors and vary these monsters a bit. I actually much prefer the color on the Archfiend Wereboar and I like the tusks on the Archfiend one too.

Finally, the BoG Boar. I really like this one. I like that it is in an action pose with a back leg extended back and head twisted. I think the head twist is on too much of an angle. I would have liked it better at about a half twist. Also, my boar seems to have a "skirt" on his front two legs, in which the plastic is sheeted between his legs instead of having distinct legs. Since it has some fur type texture, I suspect it was intentional but it looks strange to me. I would have preferred him to have more independent legs but I can accept the skirt as perhaps adding stability to the fig and avoiding the bending so common in many of my figs. I am being a broken record here but the color is completely devoid of individuality or creativity. I might be less opposed to a brown boar if the owlbear, ogre, wereboar, and orcs did not also sport the same brown color. Overall, the boar is my favorite of this set.

Compared to the other DC sets, this one is probably my least favorite. I liked the Sting of Lloth and Curse of Undeath almost equally and vacillate between which I like more. Tyranny of Goblins was pretty good although I have a lot of older goblin minis that are not green. I actually like the green goblins over the bland older goblins. I do not have HoC so I am not sure what I think of that set.

I got my set the other day and plan to play this evening.  All the sculpts look amazing.  I find it funny how some people pick apart some of these figures.  I did notice that an Ogre had a finger smaller than another one.  The Owlbear was too big of a mini and should of been smaller in sculpt and come with kung-fu grip.  Of course I'm just kidding here.  There plastic figures people, if you could do better make your own and don't buy the ones for sale.  As for me I have, play, and love all the Dungeon Command sets.

I played with the Blood of Gruumsh warband against the Goblins of Tyranny.  I lost by substancial margin.  This is a bad sign for the effeciveness of the orcs since the Goblins seem be the weakest of the first four warbands.   However, my problem with the orcs could be that I had never played with them before.  And besides I normally loose agaisnt the friend that I played against. 

Also it should be noted that the Blood of Gruumsh set has some exellent order cards and some worthwhile creatures. 
I played using the orcs on the weekend. I lost my first game against the undead and won my second game against cormyr. From what I've seen so far, this box set seems to be very dependant on what order cards you draw, much more so than the other box sets. Get the right cards and this group is very powerful. I think that if you had multiple sets (probably 3) to get exactly the order cards you want, you could build an extremely powerful orc warband. As it is, right of the box this warband will be very streaky. Win some/lose some.
Orc archers are very effecient ranged damage dealers for their level, it's nice that you get two in one box.

Bellow or what ever its called that is an aoe tap and slide - totally nutso good. Tap everything, no immediates for you. 

Really like the wis cards, combines well with drow to make a wisdom led beast/spider army. 

The commander who ignores difficult terrian is probably the most gamechanging commander as he completely alters the way both players have to think about positioning, and it gives a huge "who is in range of who" advantage in that respect. This is especially true with the included difficult terrain heavy tiles.

Models: I like that they all look the same because they're all orcs. 
Just picked up the Orc box, and just started playing Dungeon Command this weekend. We love it, a lot.

Looking forward to running Orcs vs. Goblins -- the Speed of the orc troops with the commander that ignores difficult terrain matched against the relative high speed of the Drow in General will make for a very entertaining fight! 
What's interesting about this faction is that it's very straightforward and easy to use (that's why my little sibling can actually stand a chance against me).  That cure serious wound is very scary... scarier than the ogre I might add.


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