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Hey, im looking for help in developing characters for both of these races, psion class. Im fairly new and was wondering if anyone could think of a way to have the characters get along? maybe travel together even? It's to my understanding shardminds are against the far realms, and thats where I think illithids hail from. If anyone could help me with this I would be very grateful. Thanks.
Shardminds are fragments of the Living Gate, which originally held back the forces of the Far Realm until it was shattered, scattering crystal fragments across the cosmos. However, all gates have two sides, true most shardminds do try to seek out and destroy abberants as much as possible, but what about a Shardmind forged from the stuff on the other side of the gate? Such an entity could still be interested in rebuilding to Living Gate, but with a goal of letting the Far Side in, not keeping it out (after all, a gate is at once a castle greatest defence and weakness).

Further, yes the ancestors of illithid's did hail from the far realm, but the race has, to my understanding, largely broken its aligiances with other abberants and seeks to extablish itself as the dominant race (this is why illithids and beholders don't get on). Thus, an illithid might be just as interested as a Shardmind in keeping the far realm out, after all there could be even deadlier creatres than illithids on the other side, creatures which could threaten the rule of the illithid empire....

Any of that help? 
Alot actually, thanks very much. I think im going to go with the second option, a illithids going against the elder mind strikes me as a really interesting idea. Thanks again
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