The Impenetrable Line

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The premise of this deck is to make an almost impenetrable defensive line. How? Let's find out. And any suggestions you all have along the way would be lovely...

The main card here is Palace Guard, what with the blocking everything effect. Next, Spirit Mantle to make it unkillable from creatures. Finally, we need something to make it almost unstoppable: Swiftfoot Boots. Finally, the killer move to defend it from all but Terminus-esque effects: Rootborn Defenses or Indestructibility, not sure which... and this is where I'm tempted to splash red for Boros Charm, which could help down the road as red has Aggravate, the reason for which is more obvious down below.

After that, we need some support creatures, some control elements, some removal...

I like the idea behind Cathedral Membrane + Valor Made Real for some early game shenanigans, as well as a combo with Gideon Jura for some massive removal lategame... Aggravate works here, too. Angelic Wall can cover the skies, though I'm not sure what to make of it. I originally had Guardian of the Gateless but the mana curve was too high.

Smite makes for some cheap removal and sort of sticks with the theme. Lifelink can buff up my life if the opponent decided to start burning me, though I think that I can replace it with something more useful... Might cut it all together, but life gain has its uses, especially in a deck like this where burn spells will most likely be hitting my life all the time.

As for a win-con, Armored Ascension. All in all, not too bad. Now to get it in 60 cards...

Without further stalling, the deck!

Life gain, extra control, extra removal for enchantments; that's what I feel I'm missing here. However, I like the speed I can get from it; a turn 6 Ascension can mean some big damage from an unblockable hexproof Guard.
lightning greaves over boots.

Could use darksteel plate is nice. Indestructible hexproof/shroud? Nice

You may even be able to stop terminus and black sun's zenith with a mana tithe could stop one if they were tapped out to cast it? Could be cute deck tech.
use Wakestone Gargoyle and you can attack with any old wall with an Armored Ascension on it

EDIT:  Oh yeah, no Wall of Omens
I agree, Greaves are better. I was thinking the shroud would cause me pains when trying to drop enchantments on my creatures when I threw in the boots over them, but now that you mention it, equip 0 (duh, stupid me). Just have the danger of getting blasted while I drop Spirit Mantles on them then.

The Plate is probably better, turn 3 instead of turn 4, but they're much more expensive. Maybe in the future. Same thing with the Greaves, really. All depends on the prices I'm looking at. :P Tithe? Might be interesting if I can fit it in.


Only issues I've had now are...
1. Might want more creatures
2. Hard to get enough damage in to stop a slow combo deck sometimes, even though I can usually block fast aggro relatively easily, once I can get a Guard down. Won one test game with Gideon alone, actually. :| Neither deck could draw creatures.
Curse of the Nightly Hunt is better than Aggravate. Also, if you give your creatures deathtouch, they can wipe out the opposing team at once with the all attack, all block combo. :D Vault of the Archangel? Though deathtouch pretty much puts you in black, which is a lot of colors. But an idea.
No No No No. You got it wrong, Avatar of Slaughter is strictly better than Curse of the Nightly Hunt and Aggravate! Jk lol 

I should really stop doing this... 
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If I start splashing colours, it weakens the Ascensions, which is why this isn't already R/W or B/W. Deathtouch was in the original plan but then Armored Ascension came around, and I completely missed that that Curse... o.o This could change everything...

I can use Boros Charm, Circle of Flame/Lightmine Field, Curse of the Nightly Hunt.

Wall of Omens is good, should have that instead of the Angelic Wall, but then I lose a flier, so I'll need a replacement/enchantment for that.

Dropped a few things, such as two land and a couple of cards here and there. Made the obvious switch to Wall of Omens.

Thanks guys!
Guardian of the Gateless anyone? Beuller?

I find signatures incredibly distracting. If you read this, then you too have found them distracting. 

Had it in there, mana curve was too high I felt at the time, though it has since dropped, and I really do need some more creatures. Not sure what to remove for it though. Two or three should be plenty... Hmmm...
5 CMC is a little pricey, but built-in Flying and extra +1/+1's I thnk make it worth it. I've been steamrolled by too many flyers lately by the guys in my playgroup. I'm kind of in this knee-jerk "needz moar fly!" phase.

I find signatures incredibly distracting. If you read this, then you too have found them distracting. 

I totally understand. I'm very tempted to try getting some more removal in there, but I don't know what I'd remove. Circle of Flame is a little iffy, by I do like it as essentially free removal over and over again. Cathedral Membrane is basically six damage for two mana on a creature, or all of the creatures if I can get it blocking everything on the field at once.

I really like the idea behind the deck, myself. It just needs some more refinement, but it seems to be playing alright so far in testing... except for one test where I had to sacrifice the only creature I had out and then immediately took 15 damage. And another game where the opponent had the crazy swords of such and such.
I hate to suggest a second color since you like Armored Ascension so much, but Wall of Denial, Fog Bank, and Drift of Phantasms all fly :p
I know, and I always want to play them all, and I really want to play blue for some deck because I seem to have some sort of an aversion from it, but if I drop red for blue it means redoing the setup again, dropping a few things, adding a few...

And adding blue to the current setup means I need a new win-con because beating someone down 1 and 2 damage at a time takes far too long when a pinger/combo deck are involved.

Wall of Denial and Fog Bank are my favourites, too. I cry a little when this happens.