Temple of the Frogs

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See pics below for my Temple of the Frog 4th edition D and D throw-down at Strategicon 2013 in LA.  I used 22ish boxes of Terraclips, some of their downloadable terrain, as well as bits and pieces of other miniatures terrain, fish tank stuff, and toy store items.  The Temple is 5 stories in total, w/full furnishings, murals, etc throughout the Temple and town (that’s several hundred chairs, tables, beds, etc fyi).  We had a great deal of fun.

One cool thing I did was used extra staircase stuff as covers for the clips so that the clips were hidden mostly.  Also if you look closely you will see the modified antenna/magnetic stands I used for flying creatures.

I guess you have to click on my image on left then go to pics/gallery to view the pics, I don't know why they don't appear directly in the post.