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I've recently begun having problems running Magic Online and was wondering if anyone else could help.

It began completely out of the blue, game was running fine, came back to it a few hours later, but now get this message whenever I try and start the client,

"Failure accessing file

Access to the path 'C:\Users\Myname\AppData\Local\Temp\tmp2331.tmp' is denied."

I've tried repairing the installation, re-installing multiple times, running as admin and even a system restore, but everytime it comes up with this message. No idea why it started as I changed nothing on my PC between when it was working and when this issue came up. Basically any advice would be appreciated.
Ok it seems to be the anti-virus that was causing it. Not sure why, had it for months and suddenly it seems to have a problem with magic. Initially it wouldn't work even when magic was added to an exception list, but when fully disabled magic seems to work fine. Might just have to get a new anti-virus.
Which anti-virus program caused the issue for you?

This space intentionally left blank.

I ran into the exact same issue. It worked fine a few days ago, but then all of a sudden, I get that message. Thanks for letting me know it's an antivirus issue!

For me, I disable AVG temporarily while the "Renamer.exe" is running. During regular execution, it seems to be fine. If I start "MTGO_NET.exe" directly, it is also fine. I'm on Windows 8.
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