Looking for DnD in Midland, Ontario.

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Greetings and salutations.. 
I have recently moved into midland and am looking for a game of dungeons and dragons. Any edition will do I possess books from 2ed through to 3.5 and am willing to give 4th a go as well.
I am 30+ and have played dnd and other roleplaying systems off and on for about 15 years. Consider myself to be a mature role player and have recieved many complements on my style in the past. I am focused on progressing the storyline and making the game enjoyable for all at the table.
I am also willing to take a turn at DMing tho that would excusively be 3.5 and in Forgotten realms (pre spell plague) and Eberron. ((Forewarning the majority of my expreience is as a player tho I have done some Running)) 

Hope to hear from you soon.    
A little drive for you but check with Sir-Games-Alot in Barrie. I know Vince (owner) used to run 4e events (gamesdays, encounters) and there was an LFR group running out of the store. Stop by the store and speak with Vince (don't speak with any underlings they don't usally know much about anything) he may be able to put you in contact with people around the area.
just Checked out their website.. seems promising indeed.. many thanks for the heads up!