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I recently bought my event tickets for the sake of purchasing new cards, but there's just one thing I'm a bit curious about. As a new player are there some kind of advicable cards to get first, or seeing the number of cards existing just check out the different traders and find what you like?

Also I wonder, exactly what is the value of an event ticket when faced with card value? Values like, common, uncommon, rare etc.

These questions might seem a bit silly but hey, better for me to ask such a question than stand knee deep in mud later, so to speak.
I'd suggest sticking to standard legal cards. Its a smaller subset of cards so you'll get less overwhelmed.
You can browse all the cards before you decide what you want by setting your collection to show all cards and setting the filter to >
Exactly which cards to buy will depend on how competitive you want to get. But for a casual beginner I'd suggest mainly sticking to standrad legal commons and uncommons for a while, with maybe a dozen or so cheep rares. Maybe sticking to 2-3 colours. Don't forget good dual colour lands are always worth the money if you want to play 2 or more colours.

As for card value most commons are about 0.01-0.05 tix, uncommons vary a bit more mainly form 0.05-0.5 tix each, bulk/cheep rares are about 0.4-2 tix and then any tournament level rare and all mythics will be more than that.

I've bought the cards and made a deck Now how do I win at this?

Ah I see, still even with just standard cards there's a lot to go through. Especially as it seems each color got plenty of variations on their themes, guess I just should construct a wish list and start contacting some traders/bots.
Design your deck first (using websites, card lists, your own imagination etc), then trade for the exact cards you need. Refer to a price list from a bot to track how expensive your deck is going to be, so as to stay within a budget.

Resist the urge to build up a collection of random cards for building decks. Don't bother buying cards that you "might use some day", you can always get those when you need them for a deck in a few moments online.
To narrow it down a bit more.
Assuming you want to play standard format games. (Its the most common format and smallest set of cards.)
Assuming you want to keep your cards standard legal longest. (They keep the format small by every year having the oldest half of the card sets rotate out)
Then the you want to limit yourself to Return to Ravinca block cards, that's the Return to Ravinca set and Gatecrash set, and in a couple of months the Dragons Maze set. This means all your cards are also legal in the Return to Ravinca black format which is an even smaller set of cards but a bit less popular.
This gives you another benefit as this block as a very easy way of splitting the cards up. There are 10 2-colour guilds, each with their own play style. Read about the different guilds and find 2 that you like the look of and which share a colour. You can then start collecting just the cards from those guilds.

Or if you want to get into tournament games they list most of the winning decks every week on the main magic websites. These will show you what the good decks look like and the sort of cards that do well. Just be warned they can cost a lot to replicate the decks.

I've bought the cards and made a deck Now how do I win at this?

Ok thanks for the help, think i try to begin by building a pure green or a green/black deck first.
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