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Basically its a control deck w/ nice creatuers and added effects. I would like some suggestions on any changes that you would think is helpful. Thanks for checking it out. Land might be wacky too. need help with that aswell. 

Try replacing some of your basic lands for green dual lands. 2 forest, you have a 2/60 chance of MAYBE getting Thragtusk. Need more.
I replaced some of the basic lands with stomping ground. I'll update the deck again. thanks for your help
Feels kinda midrangey. Just curious on why Gloom Surgeon?
If you are going to build this deck, you might as well get all dual + shock lands.
Yeah about those Gloom Surgeon, i say remove those and add Doomed Traveler
Also, do you have an idea of what your sideboard is going to look like?
@kchuch: I wanted to used the Gloom Surgeon to have blockers to get me towards the late game.
@Phelm: I did consider Doomed Traveler too. but it basically works similar to Gloom Surgeon right? and I'm not to sure about the sideboard yet either

I was thinking too that is it necessary to even have Farseek anymore?

New updates

Drop some shock lands for dual lands. I don't think you need that many lands that produce green mana.

-3 Stomping Ground
-1 Temple Garden
+4 Isolated Chapel

I feel like Vizkopa Guildmage doesn't really fit in with your deck. Its abilities don't really work well with much here.

I don't really know what to say about Farseek. Any control/midrange wizards want to chime in here?
Farseek is definitely a card you would want in your deck. Thinning out your deck and also having land advantage is always a good thing in midrange/control brother.
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