Losing double strike mid-combat.

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I have a Silverblade Paladin soulbonded to a Ghor-Clan Rampager, both of which were declared as attackers.  My opponent blocks the Silverblade with a Dinrova Horror and lets the Rampager through.  What happens next: does the Rampager lose its second damage step because the Paladin, who its double strike is dependent upon, is dead—or does it go off anyway because at the time he was declared as an attacker he had double strike?

Many thanks to anyone who sheds light on this. 
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in the "normal combat damage step" all creatures with double strike and all creatures that haven't dealt combat damage this combat deal damage
the Rampager is neither

but in this case the Paladin survives until the normal combat damage step, so both will deal damage there
I just assumed it actually died in the first strike damage step, for my first answer, that would happen if the Horror had First/Double strike
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Dinrova Horror has neither First or Double Strike so in the first damage step, both the Paladin and the Rampager hit, then in the second step both the Paladin and the Rampager hit while the Horror hits back, then the Paladin and Horror die.

If the Horror had first or double strike, the Rampager would have lost double strike after its first hit and been unable to strike again in the second damage step.

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