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If i play with the top card of my library revealed, would I have to reveal every card I draw? Even if an effect would cause me to draw multiple cards?
Yes. Draws are always performed one card at a time.

See the rulings for Vampire Nocturnus.

however, if you put back multiple cards (Brainstorm) you only reveal the old and the new top card
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When a card effect causes you to draw multiple cards, the cards are still drawn one at a time.  As such, if Lantern of Insight or a similar card instructs you to play with the top card of your library revealed, you'll have to reveal each card before you draw it.

120.2. Cards may only be drawn one at a time. If a player is instructed to draw multiple cards, that
player performs that many individual card draws.

 And, since I can't find the specific rule in the Comprehensive Rules that addresses it directly, this Gatherer ruling from Future Sight should do:

5/1/2007: If you draw multiple cards at once, reveal each one before you draw it.

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