I finally played the Warbands game on facebook

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I had been dreaming of having a miniatures game online that used D&D themed minis and combat.  This game Warbands by Atari looked promising but i find it very lacking in depth and gameplay.  The game seems slow and predictable.  It is made by a game company that has not made a good game in decades. 

Dungeon Command is by far a superior game imo.  Not only is choosing which minis to use there is the order card deck building aswell.  Dungeon Command has a good MTG card game feel with an additional layer of moving your team on the battlefield.

I have read some talk about if WOTC will continue to develope more into this game.  I certainly hope so.  The original set of MTG was good but it was not untill additional sets came out that the game really sparked mine and thousands of players imaginations.  I definetly see the benefit of making more Dungeon command sets before trying to make yet another D&D minis game.   
I've always described this game to those that ask as: D&D RPG mixed with Warhammer and MTG. Sounds nuts, but works really well.

I think it safe to say that we are all hoping for the continuation of this line.

As for online DC, there obviously if nothing specifically for it at the moment, but I see no problem using one of the online rpg systems to play the game. Something like the Virtual Tabletop. Might require a bit of setup, but should work.
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