Celia d'Cannith and the Five Progenitor psiforged

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Are there any sources of information on them other than "Magic of Eberron"?
I don't think I've seen anything else about it. At least, not in the 3.5 books. I haven't been fully through the 4E material yet, but I don't really recall seeing it there in what I've skimmed through so far.
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Not sure whether this counts - as it involves neither Celia d'Cannith nor Five Progenitors - but a psiforged and a psiforge appear in the second volume of Tim Waggonner's Blade of the Flame series, Forge of the Mindlsayers. The psiforged, Solus, also appears in the third volume. Of course, that's purely inspirational, as Eberron novels are not canon.

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