High charisma, low status. Can they be reconciled?

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Playing a character with these two traits, I just don't know how. When I say "low status", I mean behavior that is small or pathetic in nature. Not taking up a lot of physical space, avoiding eye contact, touching your head, talking like you're about to be interrupted. Stuff like that.

What would that look like for someone with high charisma? I'm not sure if that's either a) a contradiction, or b) a category error, as charisma is all about how other people react to you, not vice-versa. But if the two can be wed, I'd like to hear it.
Shy, perhaps used and abused as a kid, strength of character only showing under pressure in a fight or flight response ?

Ah, that works. A beneath-the-surface kind of deal. Thanks.
And then please go with an over-reaction, like a threatening phrase from an NPC is responded with by putting a dagger to his throat, or promising the NPC you will burn down his house with his wife and kids still in it.
For sure. It's the Blackguard guy from CharOp, so hopefully there will be hefty amounts of bad cop.
Someone who has a powerful force of personality could act otherwise, although it might amount to a Bluff depending on how far they're taking the act and/or what they're trying to accomplish by acting that way.
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