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Howdy all,
 I'm trying to find out what scale the current D&D miniatures are as well as what they used to be back in the 80s and 90s (although this is not as important as finding out for today's scale). I've looked around and found different answers so I'm hoping someone here knows the exact scale.

Thanks and regards,
Hi Calseeor

The books of D & D handled as scale 1inch equals 5 fts

Which is equivalent to 1:60

The miniatures are based on the same rule and we assume that this scale is ^ _ ^!


 I hope that answers your questions n´ sorry for the bad english ^_^!
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Thanks Crohum.
So if it's 1/60, I believe that makes the figures somewhere between 25 and 28mm, which I believe is average for modern table top gaming.
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