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I have a question regarding the Sending ritual. Can anyone intercept, eavesdrop or block a Sending ritual?

To my understanding, the Sending ritual allows two-way telepathic communication between two people. Since telepathy does not allow you to read people's mind without permission (, no one can intercept or easedrop on the Sending ritual communication. I am inclinded to think that blocking a Sending ritual communication is easier with sufficiently powerful warding magic, such as the Forbiddance ritual.

My wizard wants an affordable and reliable means of communicating over long distances and I thought the Sending ritual was for the job.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

There aren't any rules for this.
 Also, Sending simply lets you send a message to someone else, and wouldn't in any way interact with the Forbiddance ritual, which only prevents scrying - Sending doesn't give you any idea of where the recipient of the message is, except incidentally by way of them being either within or outside of the range of the ritual... And now that I think about it, it's not even clear from the Compendium entry whether or not you'd even know if your message was recieved unless the other person chose to reply to it.


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