Could I get assistance with optimising my build for a Paladin / Sorcerer

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Howdy all,

I would like to get help with my character build. 1st off I would like to stress that I don't want to change race and would like to keep Paladin a class. The idea was to have an off tank striker for our party. Also after careful discussion with my DM we agreed that a Paladin / Warlock wouldnt RP as well due to the way the warlock powers are derived. Any assistance with items that would benafit this build would also appriciated. Thanks heaps everyone for any advice that you can give.

Character Details

Name: Tyrrl Norolithe
Level: 14
Alignment: Unaligned
Deity: Kord
Race: Eladrin (Sunelf)
Class: Hybrid Paladin / Sorcerer
Paladin option: Fortitude
Sorcerer option: Strength
Theme: Spellscarred Harbinger
Spellscar Option: Vanish
                            Twist Fate
Background: Born under a bad sign
Paragon Path: Paragon Hybrid
Hybrid Option: Soul of the sorcerer
Soul Option: Dragon Soul
Dragon Soul option: Fire

Ability Scores

Strength:        17
Constitution : 15
Dexterity:       14
Intelligance:   11
Wisdom:         13
Charisma:       22

Trained Skills



Hybrid Talant - Paladin Armor
Eladrin Soldier
Versatile Expertise - Heavy Blade & Holy Symbol
White Lotus Riposte
Arcane Implement Proficency - Heavy Blade
Lasting Frost
White Lotus Master Riposte
Arcane Spellfury


Virtuous Strike
Valorous Smite
Dazzling Ray
Bless Weapon
Stormy Emotions
Chilling Smite
Chaotic Defence
Thunder Wyrm's Jaws
Adamantine Echo
Sorcerous Pulse
Morphic Recovery
Castigating Strike


Diadum of Acuity
Bracers of Mighty Striking
Githyanki Silver Longsword +3
Righteous Gith Plate Armor +3
Throwing Shield (Heavy)
Warding Symbol of Shielding  +2

Pal/Warlock doesn't work easily on the roleplaying side because you get powers from a god as well as from another, possibly differently aligned, extraplanar being. That's what he probably meant.

I would advise to refluff the Warlock power source here as just another way to receive power from the god.

Or refluff the Paladin to be receiving power from 'one of those gods' and concorde the whole as both paladin and warlock stuff comming from the same source.
As above already stated, warlock powers come from where you want em to, so that makes the class no better or worse than sorcerer. Warlocks do fit a lot better for a defender than sorcerer.

Given all that, please review your abilities, pick a few to boost, and don't spread it around so much. If you do go Eladrin Paladin|Sorcerer, go Dex / Cha (start 17), drop Strength completely, drop Constitution some. Lose Wisdom.
Pick Cha based powers for the paladin side.

If you want to follow the advice above, and go with warlock, still drop Str, and boost Con instead, still lose Wisdom.
If you want to boost frost, get a frost weapon.

and pretty please, pick a different paragon path, any.
Ok so I know the warlock could be justified to fit but my DM has stated that from his RP perspective that he doesn't buy it so I guess I cant go there (unfortunatly).

I agree I spread my points a bit hap-hazzardly so how about :

Str:   20
Con: 11
Dex: 11
Int:  11
Wis: 12
Cha: 23

That means I can choose to use Sorcerous Power Strength and  still means Chilling Smite does pretty good damage being a Pally cold damage daily that uses strength.

I see what you mean about the paragon path seems pretty silly upon reflection so I was thinking how about "Blizzard Mage" for a pargon path? Oh and I will definately be looking for some sort of Frost weapon. Thanks all for the assistance so far been a real help
That ability score spread leaves me speechless
In a bad way ? what have I done wrong? Sorry Im such a noob
Those 3 10s (11s in paragon) and that 12 in Wisdom do not do anything for you.

Save what you did. Copy the character. Start with 8/13/15/10/10/17. Boost Dex and Cha all the way, including picking up Dexterity as base for sorcerer option.

It will have worse Fortitude (meh), better Reflex, better Initiative and more healing surges.

I do not get why you want chilling smite. You need to grab a frost weapon anyway. At that: you do not want to be a Sunelf, but instead an original Eladrin (for longsword proficiency), pick up Icy Heart in paragon, and forget about Eladrin Soldier (since the two do not stack, and Icy Heart is +3, vs Eladrin Soldier +2).

How do you see your role? Do you want to be a striker or a defender? If you want to be a defender, try to mark as many as possible with Divine Sanction powers.

Then your DM is a jack ass. The ability to refluff powers is a core component of 4e design that should go without saying.

I'm assuming the DM is a noob as well. Who lets a new player start at 14 ?

Anyway, all we can do is try to help this guy as best as we can.

To the OP, this DMs behaviour is not typical. If you do not have a good time at his table, please do not dismiss the game, but find another (possible more mentally mature) DM instead.     
Really no reason for him to have Dex over Str, Eladrin makes him Int/Cha from race, while Storm has an easier time in Heroic, it's not like he's going to Hybrid talent for something other than Paladin Armor.
"Invokers are probably better round after round but Wizard dailies are devastating. Actually, devastating is too light a word. Wizard daily powers are soul crushing, encounter ending, havoc causing pieces of awesome." -AirPower25 Sear the Flesh, Purify the Soul; Harden the Heart, and Improve the Mind; Born of Blood, but Forged by Fire; The MECH warrior reaches perfection.

Because I am bored. Please note, this was done in 5 minutes, I am sure there is lots to be improved about it, but it should be a decent start.

Eladrin Paladin|Sorcerer

level 14 Eladrin, Paladin|Sorcerer, Questing Knight
Hybrid Paladin: Hybrid Paladin Will
Sorcerous Power: Sorcerous Power Dexterity
Hybrid Talent: Paladin Armor Proficiency
Arcane Implement Proficiency: Arcane Implement Proficiency (heavy blade group)
Eladrin Subrace: Standard Eladrin Racial Traits
Background: Auspicious Birth (Auspicious Birth Benefit)

Final ability scores: Str 9, Con 14, Dex 19, Int 13, Wis 11, Cha 23

Starting : Str 8, Con 13, Dex 15, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 17

AC: 32 Fort: 22 Reflex: 29 Will: 32 HP: 101 Surges: 10 Surge Value: 25

Hybrid Talent
Arcane Implement Proficiency
War Wizard's Expertise or White Lotus Dueling Expertise
Superior Will 
Superior Reflexes  (or something else)
Icy Heart
Lasting Frost
Heros Poise  (or soemthing else)

Powers at-will :  Virtuous Strike & Dragonfrost   (both are basic attacks)
e1: valorous smite
d1: majestic halo
u2: dragonflame mantle
e3: flame spiral
d5: shocking magnetism
u6: eladrin escape
e7: price of cowardice (dropped for e13)
d9: crown of glory
u10: winters arrival
e13: eye for an eye  (replaces e7)

Gear: Reinforcing Gith Plate Armor +3, Frost Longsword +3, Amulet of Protection +3, Heavy Shield

EDIT: formatting on this forum takes more time than I put into this build. 

Why not just worship Corellon, that way Paladin/Warlock works from the RP side also. Corellon is the main elf/eladrin god and the god of magic so it's not even a stretch.
I could see a paladin of Sehanine going feylock.
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